Black Pyramid | Bec Stupac | 2006 | 3:00 min.
"I often think of this piece as being like a New Orleans whore
house on opium...a major theme is something like energy
essence seeping out of languid bodies..."

Bec Stupak is an artist living and working in New York City,
and is also the founding member of Honeygun Labs, an
experimental video project that after a few years blossomed
into a collaborative effort that at any given time had several people
creating and experimenting with different styles and techniques.

In 2004, HGL collaborated again with AVAF to create a piece
for the Whitney Biennial (Garden 8) which featured the band
Los Super Elegantes and an LED lighting component to make
the walls breathe and a site-specific video piece that was created
using live mixing techniques. As an offshoot to the Whitney project,
Bec started a DVD zine called Scissorfriends, which was
developed in the Eyebeam artist-in-residence program and features
everything from little dogs dancing to cough-syrup induced music
to a deranged lady exhibiting her queefing skills.

The Abominable Freedom
Torsten Zenas Burns / Darrin Martin | 2006 | 41:00:00

Originally shot video and appropriated film weaves together a
musical celebration of the flesh. An egg from the missing link
holds a skeleton key to our educational future. On a parallel
world, life coaches made of bone & fur activate televisual
coursework including circular zooming studies,
spectral-mating, and etheric birthing techniques. Manifest
Destiny eludes its colonial past and takes refuge deep in
our pagan libidinal nature.

Burns and Martin have based their videotapes and installation
collaborations on their research into diverse speculative fictions
,and reimagined educational practices. Their videotapes are
distributed by Vtape,Canada,and Video Data Bank
in Chicago.They have jointly participated in residency programs
at Eyebeam(NY)and Experimental Television Center(NY).Video
projects have shown at venues including SCANNERS:The New
York Video Festival, Pacific Film Archive,Aurora picture show,
Oberhausen short film & video festival,and most recently
screened at Cinematexas 11.

Histoire | Hans Kuzmich | 2006 | 5:00 min.

Taking Histoire de l'oeil as a narrative point of departure,
the film stages youthful sexuality within an echoey metonymic
web of ocular associations.

Hans Kuzmich (born 1983, Russia) is a New York based
interdisciplinary artist whose recent work investigates
genealogy and self-narrative in relation to gender.

Man and Woman | Natalie Frigo | 2006 | 3:00 min.

Men and Women is composed of movie footage of ‚
perception‚ and ‚perceiver‚ clips.¬†The right side of the
screen shows the point-of-view of the lead male character,
which determines the audience's gaze on the subject
(the woman). On the left side of the screen the man is revealed
while gazing. Men and Women establishes the camera‚viewpoint
as male and reveals how we learn to look at women as audience
and out in the world.

Natalie Frigo, a video artist residing in Brooklyn, New York,
received her MFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.
Since graduating, her work has appeared internationally in over
twenty festivals, galleries and conferences.

The Spirits of Authority | Carey Burtt | 2006 | 4:00 min.

The punishing inner authority of the alcoholic, religious
fanatic and serial criminal are served up. They all struggle with
feelings of worthlessness, self hatred and express themselves
in different ways. All are juxtaposed in this film to raise
questions and suggest that any relief is only yet another trap.

Carey Burtt has been making short films since High School in
Maine where he won numerous student awards. His 1998 films,
The Psychotic Odyssey of Richard Chase and The Death of Sex have
been featured in Jack Sargeant's book Deathtripping and Psychotic
Odyssey is also being distributed by Troma. Mind Control Made Easy
or How to Become a Cult Leader (2000) won the audience
award from Supersphere.com. His 2005 feature A Forked
World, won ‚Most Effectively Offensive‚at the Boston
Underground Film Festival where he acted as a judge the following
year. He was the leader/songwriter and guitarist for his bands
Carey‚Problem and Gigi Disco Rock.
He wrote songs with Julian Schnabel for his cd Every
Silver Lining Has A Cloud. He holds a B.F.A. in Film and Television
Production from NYU.

Elysian Fields | Rashaad Newsome | 2005 | 2:23 min.

Elysian Fields,” is a study of the moment of spiritual euphoria,
or "Holy Ghost," as it is expressed in the Southern Baptist faith.
The gestural archive of these instances in which worshipers are
literally possessed by the spirit suggests that religion can create
a means of escapism. The protagonists experience a moment
of intensity when they are both inside and outside their body.
This estrangement is further emphasizedby the accompanying
gospel sung by the Barrett Sisters. Played backwards, it adds
another layer of detachment to the already isolated motions of
the worshipper and the separation from any kind of knowable
context. This defamiliarization offers a way to reflect on the
physical language that constitutes ritual in traditional models of
organized religion.

Rashaad Newsome. Born in New Orleans, LA, lives and works
in NYC. His work has been exhibited at K.U.E.L., Berlin, Germany;
Glassbox Gallery, Paris, France; Rush Arts Gallery, NYC; Zero Station,
Portland, Maine; Veletrzni Palace, Prague, Czech Republic; Fondation
Cartier, Paris, France; Fiac, Paris, France; The Film Gallery,
Paris, France;The Contemporary Arts Center, New Orleans, LA.
He also has been the recipient of several awards including the
Franklin Furnace Grant, l'Entreprise Culturelle AIR and Harvestworks.