Curated by Jeremy Stern
An Exhibition Featuring Artists from
The Bemis Center for the Arts in Omaha, Nebraska
Claudia Alvarez, Mathieu Borysevicz, Terry Rosenberg, and
HALFLIFERS: Torsten Zenas Burns & Anthony Discenza
Eisentrager • Howard Gallery ,University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Oct. 8 - Nov. 20 2007 / Reception: October 8, 5-7pm

Omaha, NE - Using the multiple lenses of horror, humor, propaganda, formal abstraction and zombies, Love Terrors explores the various dynamics at play between communities and violence. On view October 8 - November 20 at Richards Hall, the University of Nebraska - Lincoln, Love Terrors features five artists working in a range of media, and the title refers to the term "night terrors," a sleep disorder characterized by extreme terror and a temporary inability to regain full consciousness. Sleepers experiencing night terrors tend to be unable to control their bodies, and they wake up gasping, moaning or screaming. Expanding upon this phenomenon to address the scope of a community, Love Terrors serves as both a metaphor and an entry point to explore violence. Through Claudia Alvarez's watercolors, videos created by Mathieu Borysevicz, Torsten Zenas Burns and Anthony Discenza and Terry Rosenberg's digital prints, each work defines and communicates the terms community and violence differently. Through their collective representations, the artists also give us a broader understanding of everyday life and of the unusual forms of violence to which many communities have grown accustomed. Love Terrors is curated by Jeremy Stern, Assistant Director and Curator for the Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts in Omaha, NE.