Radical L@TE:Super-Gigantic HalfLifers DVD Mega-Release Party

Radical L@TE: 

Super-Gigantic HalfLifers DVD Mega-Release Party

February 18, 2011; 7:30 p.m.; Gallery B - (Doors 5 p.m., DJ 6:30 p.m.)
Programmed by Steve Seid and Kathy Geritz

Join us for a launch party for the compilation DVD, 
HalfLifers: The Complete History, the definitive pixel packet of legendary activation artists Torsten Zenas Burns and Anthony Discenza. For one night only, the HalfLifers will repurpose Thomas Faulders’s BAMscapeas an omnidirectional, construction-colored exploration vehicle, navigating a 360-degree journey into the interior reaches of HalfLifers’s “videonic” backlog of afterlife relationships, rescue rituals, and psychic manifestations. This spatio-temporal hub will sync up with other portable pictographic projections by longtime friends and collaborators of the HalfLifers, including Anne McGuire, Darrin Martin, Jordan Biren, Ursula Brookbank, Christian Burns, and Animal Charm. The celebration will be consummated with an anthro-engineered dough object—by which we mean a sugar-frosted biomemory conduit activated by physical ingestion.
Special thanks to: Julie Chang (Zombie cake-maker)