Shorts Program 6: Their Hive Energys - 88min
6PM @ The Logan Theatre                                         
2646 N Milwaukee Ave, ChicagoIL  
Happy BirthdayHappy Birthday
Mike Kuchar, USA, 2013
20 min., Video
“‘Misery’ doesn’t like ‘company’, – but ‘company’ does love a ‘party’, so come join in on a catastrophic celebration, and do ‘hang on’ tight, – because it’s a steep ride down into the depths of a soul in meltdown mode!” – Video Data Bank
Tubal Freaks Sneek-a-PeekTubal Freaks Sneek-a-Peek,
Andy Roche, USA, 2013
3 min., Video
Fantasy is the only morsel available to the leashed dog. – Andy Roche

Hot ChickenHot Chicken
Iain Bonner, Australia, 2013
14 min., Video
Watch the Trailer
No man is an island. Give praise! – Iain Bonner

Torsten Zenas Burns, USA, 2012
9 min., Video
Familiars is an experimental video project re-imagining the Skinner families Massachusetts Wistariahurst family house and grounds as a fictional residency program populated by speculative Holyoke entities. Scenes include variable collaborations between: Kitten & Catman, A living relative, Baseball ramblers, Silk worms, Immersion Man with radar, Frozen birds in a bell jar, Japanese & American mill workers, Ectoplasmic typewriters and spectral publishing entities. – Torsten Zenas Burns
Studies in SilenceStudies in Silence: 3. Domesticating Wild ThingsWhitney Johnston, USA, 2013
2 min., Video
An experiment in silence and its effect on perception. – Whitney Johnston

My Sweet
My Sweet
Kate McCabe, USA, 2013
4 min., Video
The second in McCabe’s comedic love letter series. A woman’s missive to her lover archly attempts to patch up an argument. (French with English subtitles) – Kate McCabe

Here is EverythingHere Is Everything
Emily Vey Duke & Cooper Battersby, USA, 2013
14 min., Video
Here is Everything presents itself as a message from The Future, as narrated by a cat and a rabbit, spirit guides who explain that they’ve decided to speak to us via a contemporary art video because they understand this to be our highest form of communication. Their cheeky introduction, however, belies the complex set of ideas that fill the remainder of the film. Death, God, and attaining and maintaining a state of Grace are among the thematic strokes winding their way through the piece, rapturously illustrated with animation, still and video imagery.”  - Emily Vey Duke and Cooper Battersby
Conjurors BoxConjurer’s Box
Kerry Laitala, USA, 2011
6 min., 35mm on Video
Conjuror’s Box, the latest work in the Muse of Cinema Series, was made using several D.I.Y. collage techniques including: CINEGRAMMING, hand-painting, and the re-animation of magic lantern slides. Conjuror’s Box takes the viewer through the looking glass, to immerse them in a fiery pane of hand-painted wonders. Conjuror’s Box summons forth primordial images of beauty from the hand painted imagery to images of transformation, metamorphosis, and chimera to literary and even ancient, biblical references. The fiery hole becomes a mirror fusion of past and future deaths. – Kerry Laitala
Up The Valley and BeyondUp The Valley and Beyond
Todd Rosken, USA, 2013
15 min., 35mm on Video
All you ever wanted to know about how sexploitation genius Russ Meyer got to be…Russ Meyer. Watch it! See it! Go! Go! Go! – Todd Rosken